Our cuisine

The Happy Hour O'llammord restaurant is inspired by the love of Matera, a real driver behind the decision to invest in this project combining the cozy atmosphere of the Sassi of Matera with a careful selection of gastronomic delights.

Set Menu


Salami and cheese board
Choice of soup from:
Bean and chicory
Bread Cialledda
Crapiata with pulses
Bread crostino with radish  
Water (0.5 l)

(cover charge Included)

Euro 15,00

Tourist Menu

menù turistici

Choice of first course from:

  • semolina Capunti with radish and fried breadcrumbs
  • Semolina Capunti with bean and mushroom puree
  • Orecchiette with mushrooms and sausage
  • Chitarrid (spaghetti "alla guitar"), cacio cheese, cherry tomatoes and wild rocket

Choice of second course from:

  • chargrilled Capocollo (pork)
  • Grilled veal steak
  • Roast pork sausage

Mixed salad or baked potatoes
Water (0.5 l)
Home made dessert and coffee 

(cover charge included)

Euro 18,00

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